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The Ulladar are so called because they come from the interior forests. Ullu means inside parts and ulladar people of the interior. [Ulladan is a singular, but Ulladar is plural.]  There is also a story behind this name. Before the advent of the British Empire a group of soldiers belonging to Central Travancore in Kerala went to the forests with their families to protect their lives from a war between local kings. They settled themselves in the forests. After being in exile for several years some of them returned to their native places. Those who came back were uncivilized due to their lost connection with the civilized country. The locals called them Ulkadans, which means forest-dwellers possessing uncivilized nature. That term Ulkadans was modified to become Ulladans after a period of time.

Those who eked out a living by hunting and eating root vegetables and fruits had to seek new avenues for living when they migrated to the towns. At that time the feudal lords who were high caste people gave them a safe haven by making them their tenants. Cultivating in their lands and working in the fields, they got a new lease of life in the country. Dependents of their feudal masters, they not only faced social discrimination but also were deprived of education.

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In the 1970s many Ulladans received lands adjacent to the forests……thanks to the land reforms implemented by the government………….

The Ulladans live in lands encompassed by forests. They are mostly seen in districts like Idukki, Kottayam, Pattanamthitta and Quilon. Other locations…………..  The Ulladans are similar to the gypsies… Hunting and fishing…… their standard of living…… Education…. Food and drinks…….Prayer, worship and witchcraft.
Village elders leadership at meetings, marriage, death………
Marriage practices…….child marriage…………..Death and funeral customs……….

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