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Kanikkaran the Hunters

Black body, circular head, curly hair, broad nose -all these are characteristics of the Kanikkar who form the largest tribe in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. According to the 1981 census there were 14,000 Kanikkars, living in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. They dwell in forests or their neighbourhood in Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam in Kerala, and Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu.

Although there are some financially well to do people within this group, most of them are poor. Though they cultivate everything and have agriculture as their main profession, they have a special liking for fishing and hunting. Concerning their genealogy and origin they have interesting stories. The Aryans who moved from north to south called them Kanikkar, which literally means landlords, descendants of the Kings, and gave their offerings to King Attingal. Another story is that they derived the name Malayarayan from the Hindu mythological Sage Agasthya.

Till the advent of the 20th century they lived in the interior forests, where the common people have no access. Those who were not accustomed to live anywhere permanently made tree huts of bamboo and lived there.

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